Affirmative: Autopilot will be the Big Brother



We can’t wait for autopilot to take over our commutes so that we can preoccupy ourselves with our other agendas. Wait! Did anyone really think about our PRIVACY? maybe the Guardian, the Atlantic, or even the Autoblog

Interestingly enough,¬†states the obvious. That we’re going to be watched like George Orwell’s 1984… Big brother is watching… Some of us are ok with this. I mean we carry around these smart phones that send us location based ads. We surf the web at one shopping website, and instantly on our Facebook we start seeing similar ads for products.

Are drivers… or technically passengers of autonomous vehicles going to be ok with knowing that there is some sort of digital bread crumb left behind? Well you’re going to have to be. Data is the new oil… The more data someone can gather about you, your neighbors, family, friends… the better marketing companies can figure out to maximize profits.


If you don’t believe this is going on, check out this article at the Wall Street Journal¬†or It’s more important than ever to understand the audience for politics, products, or things we can’t use foresight to predict. DATA DATA DATA!

If you want to avoid being a part of this new level of data mining, the only thing you can do is refuse to buy into autopilot; however, we’re sure that the majority of the country will transition into full autonomous transportation. The data gathering will be extensive, and all sorts of correlations will be developed… studied… criticized etc. etc.

Theres good to this too… maybe our government could use this to fix the infrastructure of our country. Focus on policies and regulations that will benefit our society more. IE. why are people choosing one hospital over another? or why are people avoiding this area ? is it the crime? congestion? expense?

So overall, there’s no stopping this new form of data mining, although we don’t totally agree with the invasion of privacy, we don’t disagree as well. It’s just the next step above data mining from browser cookies, smart phones, and connected home devices… New technology always comes with a price.

This time it’s our data, our privacy…

-Team APG