Last Post: Autonomous Driving and Beyond



Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions on the future of autonomous driving. We started off with our blog about reasons why autopilot needed to happen, and the many issues that are preventing it from moving forward on 10/26.

There were strong perspectives on the issues concerning morals 10/28,  jobs 11/03, and safety 11/15. In each of those post we articulated how policies and regulations would develop, and we would see a great change that is probably hard to predict at this moment.

Then there were the focuses that we couldn’t agree with more. For example, how driverless cars could significantly benefit society 11/02, and the liability concerns 11/08. Finally, we brought in an interesting point on our last post about privacy 11/20, and how it will influence each person.

Overall, it has been an interesting journey attempting to generatively discuss the multifaceted issues of autonomous driving. We hope this blog will allow readers with limited knowledge the foundation to begin exploring different angles on these various issues.


…and maybe, in retrospect… We could look back at this blog, and the infancy of autopilot… So that we could analyze how the world has accepted and integrated this new technology.

Thank You,

-Team APG