About Us

Autonomous driving is at it’s infancy towards the integration of transportation. The ability to let a vehicle decide how to react to the dynamic conditions of daily driving will prevent accidents and save lives. Additionally, affordable technology and innovation has allowed consumers access to the future of driving.

We are University of Maryland Communications students enrolled in Communication in Digital Democracy. Our goal is to support autonomous driving, and to discuss the challenges that autonomous driving will be faced with.


I’m a UMD Comm senior. I am knowledgeable in computer science, programming, and mechanics. My childhood involved playing outside, board games, and terrible television reception that could only be corrected with suits of tinfoil. I’ve always been interested in tech innovation, and how to utilize new products into my life. I look forward to having autopilot available within the next few years, and I am current on all the latest news and gossip. Additionally, the freedom and safety that will develop will increase productivity and prevent unnecessary loss of life.


My name is Marissa and I am currently a senior at the University of Maryland. For the past three years I have been studying Digital Media and Communications. I recently returned from the land of Israel where I studied abroad for a semester at Tel Aviv University. If there is one thing I could say about myself it is that I am a determined students who wants to see the best in other people. For my group’s blog project, I believe that autonomous vehicles are necessary in our society. As a student who commutes from college park to shady grove four days a week, it would be extremely nice to sit in a vehicle without having to worry about driving in traffic, and looking out for all the crazy drivers on the road. By having a tech-savvy vehicle there will be less accidents, traffic and people get around more efficiently.


I’m 26 years old. I was born and raised in Maryland, and have lived in Montgomery County my whole life. Currently attending the University of Maryland and seeking a Bachelors degree in Communication. Currently have an internship with a property management company which evolves a ton of driving. This is one of the reasons I am for autonomous vehicles. It would be so nice not to have 100% of your attention focused on driving and have the ability to simultaneously take care of other task (i.e paper work, phone calls, etc). In todays era, driving has become such a big part of our lives and it would be great to make that aspect and efficient and comfortable as possible.


Hi, I’m a student at the university of Maryland shady grove who participate in a weekly blog about autonomous vehicles. My belief is that autonomous vehicles can cut the risk of drunk driving and falling asleep at the wheel. Also self driving cars my have a benefit to the people who take long trips across country or simply get bored behind the wheel. Lastly I believe other than drunk driving driverless cars can eliminate crashes that are caused by the use of technology while driving.


I’m a college student at the Universities at Shady Grove through the University of Maryland, College Park. I’m a communications major and I work a niche market traveling sales job, in addition to working as a bartender and server at a bar in Bethesda and working as a staff editor for a small publishing company based out of Texas. I care about autonomous cars because I am someone who travels for a living, and when I’m not traveling for one job, I’m commuting or in transit for any other obligation. Self-driving cars could alleviate a lot of my personal travel anxiety, in addition to making the roads safer for everyone.