Refutation: Feds argue safety is the problem.

Tesla Motors Inc. Tests Self-Driving Technology


The worries for safety with autonomous vehicles are being heard by the U.S Secretary of Transportation, linked from here. Anthony Foxx a transportation representative stated that “We need industry to take the safety aspect of this very seriously,”. Foxx believed in implementing safety to make sure that the technology needed focuses on reducing car crashes and driver safety. The fear of having human crashes replaced by technology being the cause remains to be resolved. People believe that the technology in autonomous vehicles can be hacked and corrupted, which can cause a greater danger to the people.

Other groups are joining the fight against autonomous vehicles, linked here. The Boston Consulting Group reported that cars must be secure from cyber-attack; liability issues also must be resolved, also high-precision maps must be created. Consultants from the BCG had a question. What about snow? Researchers from the group found that the technology in the autonomous cars can be effected by the weather. Snow seemed to be able to interrupt the radars that control the cruise control, can be critical to the vehicles malfunctioning. The cruise control maintains the speed and distance of the vehicle. So, that if a vehicle gets to close the brakes would automatically stop a function that most cars already have. The radar is supposed to detect pedestrians and other cars. Snowy conditions would block the sensors and radars which would present a danger for the people.
Autonomous vehicles use Lidar, sensing technology that requires light and since snow would cause it to in operate. Even though there might be a simple solution it still seems un reliable do to technology. While using wireless communication technology between vehicles it has the chance of being hack or corrupted by hackers or other technology malfunctions. These shortcomings should be a concern for the peoples’ safety. Vehicles are already considered highly dangerous, and given up your ability to control that vehicle can be a concern for many people who sees this new technology as unsafe.

-Team APG


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