Refutation: Driverless cars will destroy jobs!



On MarketWatch, Linked Here, the author states that driverless cars would leave thousands of drivers without jobs. Additionally, most current drivers will probably not transition to another job, such as maintaining vehicles that are running 24 hours a day.

Our economy is changing, period. It happens with every great technological feat. Let’s think back to when horse drawn carriages transitioned over to the Ford Model T cars… Guess what? Those carriage drivers probably started driving cars eventually. Maintaining a horse was time consuming, and horses are SLOW.

Ok, so the author does have a point that maybe the majority of current drivers won’t enter the maintenance industry. Well the funny thing is that while autonomous technology is increasing so is electric cars. So there will probably be less maintenance anyway; however, what other jobs would be available?

From our vantage point, we might not be able to see it yet, but like I said earlier, our economy is CHANGING. Our society will adapt, and people will be afforded new jobs. Unfortunately, a person may have to learn new skills, but that is how society becomes more productive… You know how we transitioned out of agrarian to industrial and now we’re in the post-industrial era… Today it’s our information and service, what you know and what you can do with it… tomorrow, it could very likely change to something entirely new.

Hey coalition of Uber drivers against change. Stop with your shenanigans, and just let this Autopilot Go!

-Team APG


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